Sunday, July 15, 2012

Rods Assembled

Here I have attached the printed rod ends to the carbon fiber rods. This was not fun. Each rod has to be exactly 250mm hole to hole.
I made a jig with pin in it so I could fit the ends to the rods and make sure they were exactly the same size. They are glued with an Epoxy. I hope it lasts.
As this relies on printed universal joints, I don't know how it will go in regards to wear over time.  I think in the future I might replace the printed ends with Heim Joints (

1 comment:

  1. I didn't find it that hard. Trick was all in the mind. :)

    Once I realized that the fiber rods do not get that much stress and they can adjust within the ends I relaxed. Just cut the rods close to size (very close) within a mm or so and then simply push the rods into the ends to assemble. Then adjust the lengths to match and glue. Hind sight - works great! Glad I thought of this after I'd sweated over only four rods. Ha, Ha.