Saturday, August 4, 2012

Preparing Jhead hot end for bowden feeder

To eliminate a possible snag point at the end of the teflon feed from the bowden where it butts up to the top of the J-head hot end, I removed the existing PTFE tube that is inside the J-head, made a new cap that bolts on and put the feed tube from the bowden extruder all the way into the Jhead for a seamless delivery of filament to the hot end.

This image shows the assembly bolted to the print carriage.
All that is required is the wiring to the hot end and it will be hot :-)

In the future I plan to go two colour and have two Jheads side by side.

Next step is to assemble and mount the extruder over on the side of the printer. and she will be ready for some tests.


  1. Your assembly picture really helped. I did not understand how the Hot End was to connect to the effector plate. Now when I get my Hot End I'll know how to proceed.

    1. I used the longer bolts to lift the head up a ways. The mark 4B hot end is quite long and doing it this way give me 40mm more build height.