Saturday, August 18, 2012

Rostock 3D with my own unique placement of the Extruder

OK this is my final iteration for this design for now.
These are all of the mods from the original design:
  • Mounting the extruder on a bridge suspended under the top of the rostock. This sits just above the home position and being in the middle right above the centre of the plate also gives me the shortest possible bowden tube which I am hoping will improve response on the extruder retracts.
  • Addition of 2 x 20mm fans on the hot end
  • The threaded rods in the back corners and near the front smoothrods to make it easy to tighten the belts
  • Another minor mod is using Einstein's heavy duty bowden ends. The original designs were weak points and could not clamp onto the PTFE tubing well enough, but with these I can use hose clamps to hang on to that tricky little sucker.
Now having completed it, I have to say this thing is fickle at the moment. One minute things work OK then all of a sudden it will start homing incorrectly or jump a spot while printing if it hits a small plastic deposit Left by the bowden.
Now all of a sudden during the home sequence it will "jump up" slightly after making contact with the last Micro-switch in the home sequence.

I am glad I built one for the experience,  however I would not say this is my favourite at the moment. I am yet to get a completed decent quality print.


  1. Could you give me a pointer to the heavy duty Bowden ends that you mention? I can't find them on Thingverse.

      Its parametised so can be adjusted in a number of ways.

  2. I've been staring at your extruder install for a few minutes now. The original Rostock looks a little too spartan. It is quite appealing how little is needed to move the Hot End but, it just seems too empty. Your placement of the Extruder filling empty underutilized open space adds action, gives better function(?) and some more human interest appeal. I bet it looks good printing with the extruder gears turning and the carriages moving up and down directing the effector and Hot End. Maybe I'll have to switch extruders - from the direct and minimalist Airtripper to a geared, more visually active extruder. :-)

    1. Yeah I dont think the choice of extruder itself matters. I did put mine there just to ensure I have the shortest bowden tub possible and it was a fun mod