Thursday, August 9, 2012

Rostock Completed and printing fairly well

Well its pretty much done but requires some tweaking though.
The main issue I have now is that I think the hotend cant keep up with the print speed. I am not sure yet. I can extrude full speed all the way through the bowden tube without a problem, but while trying to print at that speed on the longer runs it the Extruder stales every now and then. You can hear it making a loud noise in video.

All in all I am relatively happy with the print quality, I just need to sort out a couple of minor issues.


  1. looks like its all working fine there!,
    Congrats, I have the same suspicions as you with the hot end not being able to keep up with the speeds, i think that is what happens to me in my prusa with a jhead V B.
    Quick question, i know your belts are shorter than the original specified, but what kind of build height are you able to get with the setup you have and how long would your smooth rods be if you cut them flush to the idler end?


    1. Hi Fernando
      I am able to get a 200mm build height with my current belts. I used to only get 80mm on my old printer so this one is heaven :-)
      But with the rostock the build area is actually round rather than square so tou get something closer to a 220mm circular build area. It does not quite reach the corners of a 200x200 square but near the middle it extends beyond the 200mm width.
      Thanks for your comments.
      Bill D

    2. As you have it right now, how long would the smooth rods be if you cut them flush to the idler end?

  2. Inspiration comes from your efforts. Thanks!

    I stumbled on your blog last night - Aug 10, 2012 and got motivated to start assembling my collecting Rostock bits. Too bad your sight doesn't have posting of pictures by posters. You could get quite a collection from your followers.