Sunday, January 6, 2013

Rostock 3D Printing Vases

Well I printed one of my longest jobs on the rostock. A couple of vases. All up they took about 5 hours or so.
I have printed them in plain white as they are translucent and I intend to put some of those LED flickering tealights in them.
The one on the right is after doing more tweaks to the unit. I added sides and crossbeams to increase the rigidity of the unit which has decreased vibration during printing substantially.



  1. How hard was it to calibrate? and how accurate is it now? I'm planning on building one, but i'm worried about how accurate printer parts will come out from the rostock. Artistic vases need a little less accuracy.

    1. Hi Hugh, you are perfectly correct in that many things that people print do not highlight most inaccuracies. I purposely printed several large calibration objects and have spent a lot of time fighting with an issue that caused x to print wider than Y by 1mm. On a standard printer that is an easy fix, but on a delta the only sulution is to check and measure everything over an over. Its still not perfect on mine round objects are out by .5mm. It annoys me but does at least allow me to print most parts now. This weekend I am remeasuring and readjusting everything again to see if I can totally eliminate the error..