Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Rostock 3D issue resolved that was causing long print jobs to fail

I finally resolved the most annoying issue I have had. Print Jobs Failing because of the head getting caught on excess plastic deposit at some point through the print job.
I am using a J-head Hot end, they are wonderfully made but one feature on it seems to be a problem on the rostock. Where the filament is extruded there is a small lip or ridge. This can get caught on any over extruded plastic which is catastrophic for the rostock floating head. So I filed it back to a smooth curved tip instead. It seems to have worked. I also added springs under the headed bed so that in a crunch it could move down out of the way if it really needs to.

Here is a 1.5 hour print job completed. Previously 3 attempts at this failed at one point or another


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    1. Thanks. Its usually through pages like this that I have often found answers to problems. I thought it would be good to try it myself too see what information I can provide on my experience building one of these.