Saturday, September 1, 2012

A Yoda I have printed hmmm?

Well After many failed attempts to complete the print job of Yoda. I finally succeeded.
With previous attempts one axis would miss a step somewhere along the way throwing the whole print out. On rostock it is hard to tell which one was the culprit so I went back to basics and checked the reference voltages on the stepsticks and found one was lower than the other two. I set them all the same and managed to complete the whole print at .2mm layer height with a .5mm hot end.
Its a long way from perfect but at least it printed.
The image on the left shows him with the support structures still in place.
The main issue that will affect all prints are the small blobs... it is extruding inconsistently. Its possible that with the bowden extruder it is having trouble if I have too much of a speed differential between the speed of the small perimeters and large perimeters. Flow control could be an issue there. I will try to make the speeds more consistent and see if that helps.

The holes in the ears I think are cause by them simply being too thin in the model so I am not too worried about that.

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