Sunday, September 2, 2012

Another Improve in Rostock print quality

I think i have solved the lumpiness issue now. I was correct in that I think it was being caused by a big difference in speed between standard perimeters and Small perimeters. This would result in little blobs as it slow down and the extra flow of the bowden would deposit a bit too much plastic. I changed the slice settings so they both print at the same speed (90mm/s) and this seems to have eliminated the "warts" I was getting on the outside of the objects (See Yoda below).
I had to post process this picture to remove some of the colour. The camera was having a hard time with transparent red again.  This is Spoctopuss a .2mm layer height.



  1. Amazing, i guess print quality is a non issue for your rostock. Great work

    1. Yeah its a simple object but really happy with how it turned out.
      Although I just upgraded to the latest firmware and for some reason print quality has dropped. The extruder seems to be miss behaving. I will be printing some new gears with a lower print ratio tonight to see if that helps.