Thursday, September 6, 2012

New Rostock Firmware installed and working

No new images today but I just wanted to report that the Rostock is working well with the new firmware.
I did initially have a teething problem where my extruder was not working after the upgrade.. but I found the magic setting I needed to adjust. Interestingly the parameter was set the same in both versions of the firmware :Default Retract Acceleration. Its possible that it may not have been properly implemented in the first version of the firmware. I am not sure why the value had to be different but it is working again.

One of the biggest changes in the firmware (amongst many) is the removal of the bottom end stops. These are no longer required for leveling the effector or finding the home position. Although this means the Rostock no longer does its little dance when you home all axis, it simplifies the how process and is more straight forward. This also means you may be able to use other controller boards that do not support both min and max end stops (like the Gen6 for example). Although I have not tried any of these.

I am still working on getting the best out of the bowden extruder. It still occassionally fails to deposit small amounts after a retract, but it is getting better with each tuning.

Also I manages to print several complex objects using Pronterface.exe. The issues where this used to cause pauses during prints seems to no longer occur.  I printed from pronterface for about 3 hours straight without a hitch.

The print quality of the layers is really good to my eye, except for the occassional miss with the extruder. If I can nail these issues, it will be almost flawless.



  1. Where can we find the firmware? Is it something completely new, or just a new version of a Rostock Marlin?

    Thanks for your great work, writing up all your results!

    1. Hi
      This is probably the best place to keep up to date:!forum/deltabot
      Johann has incorporated the Rostock code into the latest version of Marlin it has many improvements