Sunday, February 24, 2013

Minor mods to Rostock

Hi All,
Just thought I would post some minor updates that I made to my original Rostock.

Pulley Case Covers: I found that anytime I put anything down on the desk it would seem to be attracted to the moving pulleys and belts at the base of the rostock while I was in the middle of a print job hehe.  So I made up some simple covers for the motor mount at the bottom of each axis.
The stl can be found on thingiverse:

Kossel Effector: I decided to replace the original rostock effector with the newer simpler design from the Kossel. This image shows the original design sitting on the print bed with the new, more simple one from the Kossel already fitted floating just above.
The new effector design is lighter, allows a more unobstructed view print job in progress and allows the effector rods to be attached in a more simple and secure fashion.
If you do use this part for the standard rostock you must make sure that the spacing between the effector rods at this effector end is exactly the same as it is where they on the X,Y and Z axis. The scad file from the kossel will allow you to adjust that dimension if necessary. I just used the standard spacing as the spacers from my Heim joints allows it to fit perfectly.

Herringbone Gears: Finally, just because I was board, I replaced the standard gears on my extruder with herringbone gears. These have less play and seem to be a bit quieter.
I just used the standard parametric herringbone gear openscad file that you can find on thingiverse adjusting the gear ratios for the ones I use on my wades on this Rostock.


  1. So, you have a Rostock, I am now pondering on wether to buy a Rostock Delta or a Prusa Air 2.

    Would you know which one is better for a beginner like me?

    The seller recommended me the Air 2.

    1. Hi, I am not an expert on the air. When I considered the air a while back people said on the reprap forum that one problem is that the design of some of the air machines out there is not good and over times the frames get "slack"

      I have an original mendel and this rostock that I built. I have not used the mendel in a long time. The rostock works well for most things but the bowden extruder can be troublesome

    2. Okay thanks, I have gone with the Air 2 XL, which has 160mm print height. The frame getting slack is no problem, when this happens, I can acetone-weld supports on the side of the machine :)

      Received the machine parts wednesday, but it was incomplete.. So now I am waiting at home again for the new parts, the seller re-send me some parts without cost! Great.

    3. Hi, If you're struggling with the bowden then simply use the wades and add a bowden adaptor below it. Many can be found on thingiverse. This should fix your issues.