Monday, February 11, 2013

Rostock printing real things :-)

Today I actually designed and printed something other than a trinket or a part for a printer. I wanted a better way to adjust the vertical angle of my home theatre projector. The commercial mount has the projector mounting bracket hanging and pivoting from the one point. Unfortunately this poses a problem as the strange mount on my projector means it is slightly back heavy. To add to this I have it mounted on an articulated arm so I can fold it back to the wall when not in use and then swing it out to optimal position when i use.
To make alignment to the screen easier, I used the free creo elements cad package to design an adjustable bracket and then printed out the parts. The images below show the results. It works a treat.
It adds stability to the projector as it is not mounted from two points on the bar and can quickly be adjusted if necessary by turning a thumb wheel to raise or lower it.

This is the design in the Creo Elements cad package.

This is the end result looking from the back of the projector. The bottom nut is a nylock nut that holds the threaded rod and in the top clamp section there is a standard nut in the thumb wheel adjuster with some washers top and bottom.

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